Anticipating and managing crises - certification training


This certification is referenced in the Répertoire Spécifique de France Compétences RS6306 (registered by decision of France Compétences on 24/04/2023) and is eligible for CPF .

🎯 Certification meets a cross-functional need for skills among executives, management teams and corporate managers in the field of crisis management. 

Prerequisites: Candidates must have professional experience or be enrolled in a management training program. 

Skills :

C.1 Anticipate the occurrence of a crisis in your company by detecting weak signals, qualifying the facts and assessing their potential consequences with the aim of alerting and taking measures as early as possible to avoid its occurrence and limit its effects.

C.2 Manage a crisis by using your company's crisis management tools, rapidly implementing appropriate procedures and leading a crisis unit to ensure business continuity.

C.3 Develop internal and external crisis communication to clarify the facts, maintain stakeholder confidence and retain the initiative, based on an information watch, communication strategy and control of outgoing information.

C.4 Prepare for the end of the crisis by identifying its human, organizational and financial impacts and taking appropriate measures to enable business to resume and learn from the crisis.

Objective: To develop the ability to anticipate, manage, communicate and get out of a critical situation.

Ability : Ability to anticipate and manage crises.

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Methods used:  

➝ A sequence of situational exercises, conducted in teams under the supervision of a mentor

➝ A debriefing led by the mentor between each scenario

➝ Translation work to the recipient's context initiated at the end of the session

Evaluation methods: Professional situations

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