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SCYFCO was founded in 2011 as an endowment fund at the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, which has been training leaders for the French Army for over 200 years. Converted into a simplified joint stock company in 2021, our company has been involved in training civilian decision-makers for more than a decade, based on a unique understanding of leadership and responsibility.


Our teaching

SCYFCO proposes programmes for leaders, managers and students, built on the military's expertise in leadership development and led by civilian leaders who are former officers.

Our aim is to share the expertise of those who have commanded in military operations and who are now, in the private sector, able to help you give your very best and enable others to do the same. Our training courses are based on experiential learning, including simulations of real-life situations, in-depth debriefings, and adaptation to the participants' context.

France Défense  Développement, SCYFCO's defence division, enables employees of the Defence Industrial Base to develop a defence mindset by confronting them with the realities and specific characteristics of the armed forces.

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Our face-to-face training courses

We offer you face-to-face training tailored to your needs and challenges. Some enable you to strengthen your managerial skills, others your collective efficiency. We also offer training in conjunction with the military to reinforce thespirit of defense.


the scyfco team

Our team comprises some forty employees, all of whom have a rich and varied background: the military, the private sector, work-study students, etc.