Yann Gigon

Yann served for 21 years in the French Army, firstly as a non-commissioned member of the 12th Artillery Regiment as head of the kitchen and head of the purchasing unit, from 1998 to 2009. Then, as a non-commissioned member in the post of head chef with the 35th Infantry Regiment and at the GSBDD Belfort (the Groupement de Soutien de Base de Défense, is a French inter-army organisation which pools general administration and common support functions). Finally, he was a non-commissioned officer at the Coëtquidan military academy holding the position of personal chef of the general commanding the academy, working at his place of residence. In 2019, he opened his own business "Yann GIGON, chef à domicile et traiteur" (home chef and caterer). 


✔ Organizer


✏ " To be and to endure " General Marcel Bigeard