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Team management and efficiency

Professional certificate in TEAM MANAGEMENT AND EFFICIENCY

This training course is eligible for the CPF and referenced under the code 237031

- To have professional experience or to be registered in a management training course


  • To assert one’s managerial identity and skillfully assume one’s role and responsibilities
  • To guide the action and performance of one’s team
  • Facilitating collaborative thinking that facilitates decision making
  • Discern, decide and act in team and project management situations
  • Organise and react in emergency situations

To obtain the certificate, the following 3 modules must be validated within a maximum of 5 years:
- Multicultural Team Management (2 days)
- Emergency Management (1 day)
- Interpersonal conflict management (1 day)

Leading a group of people in the execution of a mission

Discern, decide and interact effectively within a group

- 4 days

Access time
- Proposal from 15 days after the request of the beneficiary.
- Realization from 30 days after the signature of the order form

- On quotation: Contact us for a quotation -

Methods used
Experiential pedagogy: real-life situations (in the field or sometimes digital), in-depth debriefings, transpositions to the participants’ context.

Evaluation methods
Self-evaluation of the achievement of the objectives by the trainees at the end of the training
When a certification is prepared, an individual evaluation grid is given to the participants.

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Results obtained

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