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4 Questions Asked to Vincent Fleck of DRH Groupe SAG France

(Translated from French)

-* What were your reasons for working with Saint-Cyr Formation Continue?
We wanted to organize a training seminar on leadership with a somewhat different approach than the usual methods found in the catalogues of most training organizations that make it possible to simultaneously to be put in situation scenarios, and have debriefings, the methods and guidance throughout the training—Saint-Cyr Formation Continue seemed to be a complete educational solution, interactive and an original way to meet our needs.

-* How do you think military practices can help you in your daily work as a senior manager?
The Army’s command expertise has been proven for centuries and there is real theoretical and practical knowledge about the management of men in the military environment.
The values of cohesion, excellence, adaptation, professionalism, responsibility, initiative, and exceeding one’s limits... are all military qualities that must also be leveraged in the professional environment.

The observation that we were able to make is that being immersed in a military context makes it possible to better hone in on, feel and grasp the significance of the qualities linked to leadership, thanks to the unique training conducted by Saint-Cyr Formation Continue.

It is indeed an experience that truly emphasizes these aspects of management and leadership thanks to a learning system, which is the product and synthesis of several methods of learning used by commanders of many militaries around the world— thus it is a small extract of the benchmarks of pedagogical best-practices of management, not to mention the very high quality of the trainers.
The Saint-Cyr Formation Continue gave us a real expertise, a real contribution to our development and it was a pleasure and very fun …

-* What feedback did you have from your colleagues following their training?

Though there were some preliminary questions and even some fears, we ended up being very satisfied, we have wonderful memories and a very good experience of collaboration among teams that would have never been possible elsewhere.
The experience we shared also allowed us to open up, to discover ourselves a little differently, in the military world, immersed in nature and also in the middle of the night, in unlikely situations with much joy and emotion!

-* What values do you share with Saint-Cyr Formation Continue and more widely with the military?

Our professional responsibilities involve commitment, rigor, organizational and project management skills, as well as common sense and pragmatism, which have also been demonstrated by Saint-Cyr Formation Continue.
Professionals with a keen sense of planning, the Saint-Cyr Formation Continue teams lead us through their way of implementing a program, a beautiful lesson in organization, method of working and group management.
Here we find the military “DNA,” professional values and qualities that we must constantly improve in our professional environment.